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 Rhino t-shirt design in White for Male & Female

Rhino t-shirt design in White for Male & Female

Size: Male - S


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Rhinoceros is derived from the Greek word “rhinokeros” meaning "Nose-horned” and is often abbreviated to Rhino.

Rhinos are majestic animals with weights of over one ton and are very agile & strong for their size.

Despite their size & weight, they are considered Kind & Gentle. They have very high tolerance & give a sense of being grounded. However, they are also symbolic of authority, wisdom as well as stability & freedom.

This White t-shirt design represents all the above qualities & it shows to the world that you are not someone to be messed around with.

You may wear it in your daily use as well as to informal gatherings where you want people to know what you stand for.

The 100% White cotton t-shirt is perfect for wearing all year round and will be a great addition to your closet.

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